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Juicy is moving!!!

Juicy friends!

We are over-the-top thrilled to announce our move to 4720 Washington Avenue (next to Max’s Wine dive) on or before the 1st of May! OUR GRAND NEW DIGS will feature our tried and trusty juice and smoothie menu PLUS all veggin’ soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, desserts and more, all made in house from whole and nutritious and, as much as possible, local and organic foods. And listen to this….WE WILL HAVE TABLES AND CHAIRS!!

It will be sad to close our sweet little closet on 19th St. – Saturday the 29th at 7 PM – but Gretchen the Juice Girl will be setting up shop there and be assured, she will take great care of you.
Stay tuned for our progress updates!! We love you all!!!

Special for the week of September 23rd-30th

Infra-Red with an extra boost!

Carrot, orange, beet, celery, mixed greens, and GINGER.

Ginger, normally not an ingredient of the Infra-red, is an extra friend for this super healthy juice special. It’s like sipping on a delicious fresh salad in juice form. Savory and sweet! Come find out if the infra-red can be on your yes list!

And don’t forget we give double points on Mondays for every drink you buy!


Double punch Monday tradition continues

Hi everyone!

To those who haven’t heard yet, Juicy in the Sky offers a rewards system that began as punching holes, or hearts, into the Juicy business card that we gave out as the “rewards card”. Our customers have loved the punch card system, which allowed us to reward you for being our loyal customers that we love so much!

Juicy in the Sky has just recently updated to an electronic system. Essentially the same thing as the punch card system you still get points but now on the mini iPad on the front counter. Called Belly Tap, this system requires you to pick up a mini key chain card to place on your key ring, scan it on the iPad mini , and put in your email (note: we do not use your email for any publicity). This system will keep track of all your points, and let you know how many points you have/how many you need for next reward. So instead of one point per drink, we have it set to give you five points per drink, meaning that on “Double punch Monday” you will receive ten points automatically for each drink. At twenty five points you may redeem the points buy one beverage get a Smoothie (Signature or Basic) at half price. At sixty points you can redeem the points for a free beverage of your choice.

Now please note that the Belly Tap App on our mini iPad will only allow you to “check-in” aka scan card for points once per thirty minutes, meaning if you get more than one beverage Juicy associates have to go back in manually and add your additional points. Please be ready to give us the first three letters of your email so we can find you in the system and add your earned points.

We at Juicy in the Sky understand that for some moving onto an electronic rewards system is difficult. Trying to make it as easy as possible for you to understand and use, to get rewards, we hope that you understand that it has been an adjustment for the Juicy staff as well. Using Belly Tap cuts down on the time spent punching cards, and allowing us to maximize our time on making your drinks. We hope that you will join the Belly Tap revolution, and tap your way to free drinks weekly.

Thank you for your support,


Special for the week of July 28th- August 3rd!

Zooped up Zephyr (zef-er)

Kale, spinach, celery, ginger, lemon, apple, and mint.

Not only is this drink packed with vitamins and minerals that are so energy giving, it is one of our lighter juices. The mint and lemon provide a fresh aspect, while the ginger and celery provide a zingy aspect that makes the drink so special. Good to drink after working out, simply tired, or it’s just a hot day, you can’t go wrong with this super refreshing summer juice! Come get one before the special ends! Only $6 with tax!

This is an off menu item, and if you want to order it after the special is over Sunday August 3, then just say you would like a Zooped up Zephyr!




To new beginnings!

Hello awesome current and future customers! Thank you for visiting our website!

From here on out the website will be updated frequently with juicy specials and other  informational, fun, zany posts, that will share with you what makes Juicy in the Sky, so…well, Juicy.

Juicy in the Sky invites you out to toast with us to celebrate all things new in life, such as our lovely chalk board painted by by Melissa Eason, easy access take away menu’s for your convenience and edification (due to small location, I mean very small location), oh..and the first of many blog posts!

Stay tuned for more news!

All of us at Juicy in the Sky appreciate your business and love every single one of you. We do our best to satisfy each request/desire for special order drinks such as bulk juices, either Signature, Basic, Cleanses, a DYO (Design Your Own) any size or simply a drink you want to build yourself (section on menu to assist). We at Juicy in the Sky ask that you please call ahead for bulk orders a day ahead. Also accepting call in orders daily. Try and call about 20 minutes ahead of when you will be there, since that helps guarantee that we will have your drink ready by the time you arrive.

We love the ever increasing beverage selections on our menu and encourage you to try them all. And be on the lookout for our weekly specials, Muddlecups, and more of whatever catches your taste buds!

Juicy in the Sky toasts you for allowing us to be your thriving, vivacious, delicious Health Central, serving you the very best Juice in the cosmos!

Thank you!



A Work in Progress

(May 15):

Hello our lovely, healthy customers! We are currently working on this website. Please check back to see our new website.


(Aug 1):

Well the site is up so the progress has been gotten to! Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, experiences with us! We appreciate your business friendships we have with all of you. We enjoy your company, and you all enjoy our juice. Cheers!